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Through the years, talented artists and groups from Oakwood (College) University have provided us with many inspirational memories.  Each "Precious Memories from The Oaks" CD or DVD captures those memories with a blend of Spirituals, Hymns, a Capella and Gospel songs not often heard today.  Each disc contains a compilation of various soloists, groups, choirs and musicians, in live and studio performances from 70s through the 90s.

Black In The Day Adventist Productions is an organization whose goal is to collect, preserve, promote and distribute our African American Adventist musical heritage through audio and video recordings.  The proceeds from the sales of the Precious Memories Series will be used to research, recapture and preserve/archive our musical history by the transferal of analog recordings (records, audio and videotape) onto digital media (CDs and DVDs) for the benefit of future generations.  Proceeds will also go towards the planning and organization of reunion concerts.  If you possess recordings or photographs of SDA performers and groups from the 1900s that you wish to contribute to our archives, please contact us at

We appreciate your patronage as Black In The Day Adventist Productions strives to continue to inspire you with "Precious Memories", while preserving our musical legacy to bless future generations!